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2002 Alexis / Spartan Pumper Tanker

2000 GPM Pump
Carries 2500 gallons of water
1000′ of 5″ hose
300′ of 3″ hose
200′ of 2 1/2″ hose
500′ of 1 3/4″ hose
Carries 10 gallons of Class A Foam
Carries 30 gallons of Class B Foam



48,500lbs, 1oz
33′ 11″ long


2012 Ford F-450

Horton Box
Advanced Life Support Ambulance


1997 E-One Heavy Rescue Squad

This vehicle is equipped with a breathing air cascade system, light tower, and genesis extrication equipment.


1996 Ford / Alexis Brush Truck

200 gallon tank
1 booster reel
2 smaller hand booster lines
18hp Briggs & Stratton Engine twin cylinder pump


2004 Smeal / Spartan Chassis

100′ Midmount Platform
Carries 300 gallons of water
1000′ of 5″ Hose
300′ of 3″ Hose
200′ of 2 1/2″ Hose
500′ of 1 3/4″ Hose


1992 Ford Road Rescue

This vehicle is equipped with all the necessary equipment to supply our dive team in the case of an underwater rescue/recovery.


2003 Ford F-350

This vehicle serves as the main support vehicle for The Braidwood Fire Dept as well as supplies the ambulance with additional staffing most calls.


2011 Ford F-450

This vehicle’s main purpose is to pull the Tactical Rescue Trailer to an emergency. It is also used as a secondary support vehicle for The Braidwood Fire Dept.

Operation’s Officer Buggy

2003 Ford Expedition

This vehicle is used by the on call battalion officers from 6pm-5am to respond to the station or an incident.

Tactical Rescue Trailer

2011 Alexis

The Braidwood Fire Dept. has a Combined Agency Response Team, due in on any tactical rescue. This vehicle is equipped with all the necessary equipment i the case of a tactical rescue situation.

Chief's Buggy

2012 Ford Expedition

This is the primary vehicle the Chief uses to respond to emergencies.

Foam Unit

Williams Fire & Hazard Control Foam Trailer

1,500 gallon per minute Williams Fire & Hazard Control Ranger 1.5 Self educting Foam Nozzle
350lb Williams Fire & Hazard Control HydroChem Unit with a 125 gallon per minute nozzle
100ft of 5in hose
400ft of 1 3/4in hose
The tote of foam on this piece of equipment holds 305 gallons of 3M 3×3% AFFF/ATC Foam