Notice for Election Petitions for Braidwood Fire Protection District Trustee

Nominating petitions and other filing materials for the position of Braidwood Fire Protection District Trustee will be available at the Braidwood Fire Station @ 275 West Main Street, Braidwood, IL, during regular business hours beginning September 20, 2022.

One full (6 year) term on the Board of Trustees for the Fire Protection District will be elected at the April 4, 2023 Consolidated Election.

Petitions must be filed at the Fire Station between 9:00am, Monday, December 12, 2022 and 5:00pm, Monday, December 19, 2022.

Mission of the Braidwood Fire Department

It is the mission of the Braidwood Fire Department to provide the highest level of life and property protection services through aggressive fire control systems, an integrated pre-hospital care system, fire prevention, public education and emergency management. To accomplish our mission we will provide fire suppression and prevention programs, state of the art pre-hospital care and effective scene management. We will stand ready to support and assist other fire service organizations in accomplishing their missions. Through prevention, education and training efforts we will strive to prevent, prepare for, or otherwise limit the extent of any fire damage or other emergency situation.

Brick Pavers

The Fire Department is offering personalized, engraved brick pavers to memorialize a firefighter, honor a friend or family member, or identify yourself or your organization. The engraved brick pavers will be strategically positioned near the main entrance of The Fire Station.